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News, Sports Covers & Magazin Articels around the World


1 LA Times, 5# Sports Cover, NBL-SKI World Martial Arts Champion Chip, 3 x Gold Savannah 2000, GA 98 (2xGold, 1 Silver), GA USA

2# Dallas Morning News, Sports Cover aftrer winning 2nd US Nationals, Dallas TX USA

Dallas Morning News, 3# Sports Cover aftrer winning 3rd US Nationals, Dallas TX USA, amazing trio success stories 97

2nd Page, Dallas Morning News, 3# Sports Cover TX, amazing trio success stories

4# Sport Cover, Article FW Star Telegram Dallas TX, after winning 4th US Nationals NBL USA 97/98

1# National North Germany States, Sports Cover A7, after winning as first disabled Fighter Point Karate open N. German Champion Ship & open Dojo Flensburg Germany ca. 86

1# US Sports Cover Story, Forth Worth Startelegram FW, TX USA (after winning frist TX state title) ca. 94

2nd Page, 1# US Sports Cover Story, Forth Worth Startelegram FW, TX ca. 94

Major Sport Cover N German Staats Newspaper after winning German Champion ship with several Team Members & qualification to Europen Open WAKO GER, Top Four Team Coach and Owner Anthony von Sager

2# Sports Cover N. Germany for Competition Team, SH Open Staate regional N. German WAKO Kickboxen. 84 shortly after Grand Open 2nd Dojo, Flensburg GER, right away several Podium 2nd & 3rd places. (Photo Staat Champion 98 & 90 Heiko P), with Team Co Coach, Sensei Bill

Local Cover Story, San Diego CA after winning Open State, Beach Seminar CA ca. 94

After Thailand Education Team Trip ca. 98, Heiko P. Vice Staate Champion, Backround Sensei Anthony von Sager (photo Heiko & Marcel from our Youth Team Division) 2nd Place, Helge, Uwe 2nd Place Adults, Martin 1st Place..6 of 7 Team members, Podium Places, qualification for EU WAKO Open...98/90th

1# Denmark Sports Cover, Danish/German major Newspaper after N. German Open win single u. Team ca. 86

3# Sport Cover, FL Tageblatt, one of fist German Budo (MMA) Workshop-seminar weekend w/ Top Four Team, Judo, Karate, JJ, Tai Chi & KungFu teams w/ Emanuel Bettencourt, Toni Bader, Anthony Sager a.o. ca. 87/88

different Articles from major Newspaper for N. Germany, after Winning of N. German and German Champion Chips & Europe Champion Chip, single and with self, Helge & Martin winning N. German Champion, as well with Team, latter Helge & Martin become German Champion, Uwe 2nd Place Europe Champion...Top Four Hurrican Team Award - German Sport one of the most successful Teams of Germany 90-93, Owner & Team Coach Anthony von Sager

Forth Worth Star Telegram Sports Cover, inner City Kids Seminar, Texas USA ca. 97

SH Staate Title Division Open WAKO Germany ca 98 / 90th, 6 of 7 Title placed members placing on Podium, Backround Team Coach & Owner Sensei Anthony von Sager

Mid Citi News, Texas Cover Story, Veteran Sports Rehab Highlight, with Marine Clinton become US national Martial Arts Champion, able body Division!

Muscle & Fitness Devp. Magazin, 1st International Sport Article, (Joe Weider Publications) by Don Ross - RIP my friend

Flensburger Tageblatt, German Sport Cover, newest Sport Cover, Sager Life Story,

Sport Cover, Article FW Star Telegram Dallas TX, after winning 1st World Champion Ship NBL, Colorado and 2nd US Nationals title NBL USA, und test to 3rd Black Belt under Shihan J Pat Burleson, Dallas TX WMARA

Cover Story, Health Story, Qi Gong Tai Chi weekend Workshop, Big Bear Lake, CA USA 2014

Cover Story, 2nd Health Weekend Workshop, Qi Gong Retreat Big Bear Lake, CA 2015

Tatami Magazin, double Sport News, Germany

Champion class, at the Youth Center, 35 years after my self went through the Youth enrichment Center classes, so great to see there eyes to give back!